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In English at Hugh Myddelton, our children feel both confident in their writing and proud of the finished product. They learn how to think deeply, creatively and abstractly to discuss and improve ideas collaboratively.

Every teacher at Hugh Myddelton promotes excellence in writing and all teachers consistently maintain high expectations of all pupils.

We aim to cultivate a love of reading in all our children. Children should be always be able to find a book they are fascinated by and can absorb themselves totally in.

In writing, Hugh Myddelton pupils know how to edit and improve their work whilst in unison describing what they felt they did successfully in that piece. We encourage peers to praise and encourage each other to do the best they can.

Teachers at Hugh Myddelton inspire children’s curiosity and imagination. We aim to have teachers always able to offer a range of tools to pupils to support their idiosyncratic needs. These resources may range from word mats to pencil grips, dictionaries to video clips, iPads to computer technology to allow for pupils to type up their ideas or research them further. 


This year in English:

This year our pupils and staff alike are working hard to ensure we further develop our outstanding English provision. Our teachers have carefully mapped out genre coverage and spelling, punctuation and grammar objectives to ensure we are teaching the curriculum thoroughly and effectively. Our English lessons are carefully structured to encompass opportunities for drama and debate as well as whole-class reading and creative writing. Challenge and creativity permeate our English lessons, ensuring that all students are engaged and learning to the highest possible standard. This year we are continuing with our well-loved weekly reading assembly, sharing all kinds of stories, many of which can be found in our school library. Similarly, we look forward to focussing on spelling and introducing a Hugh Myddelton Spelling Bee whole school competition in the summer term. Lastly, we are hoping to take our first steps towards delivering the Let's Think in English ( approach across the school.



English Curriculum Maps - 2018-19
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Year 2 
Year 3 
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Year 5 
Year 6 

How We Teach Reading and Phonics 

At Hugh Myddelton we place great value on teaching children to read and love books. 

Hugh Myddelton uses Read Write Inc. and Fresh Start, a series of whole-school literacy programmes for 4-11-year-olds designed to create fluent readers, confident speakers and willing writers.  Read Write Inc. and Fresh Start are:

  • rooted in the Primary National Curriculum 2014;
  • meets the requirements of the Ofsted framework; and
  • is an effective use of Pupil Premium.


Read Write Inc. is one of the School's use of the Pupil Premium Grant (PPG); the PPG is received by the school to cater for the needs of our pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds.  The programme has been credited by Ofsted as a tangible means of allowing disadvantaged children achieve to the same level as their peers.

In Key Stage 2 (and in Key Stage 1 for more able pupils), children follow the Project X reading scheme and have their reading comprehension regularly assessed and monitored using the My Book Blog programme.


For more details of the National Curriculum Programmes of Study for English in Key Stages 1 & 2, please click here.

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