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At Hugh Myddelton, we believe that every child is a mathematician. From the early years up to Year 6, our children are active, resilient learners who do not shy away from a challenge. They learn how to think deeply and collaboratively and to try out their own ideas whilst being comfortable with making mistakes. Teachers at Hugh Myddelton strive to make most lessons applicable to real life problems so that the children understand the importance of maths in real world scenarios. 

With lessons carefully structured so that each subsequent lesson builds upon the previous one, students steadily acquire fluency in how the different aspects of maths work. We teach them a wide range of methods to solve problems as children find some strategies easier to grasp than others. This gives them flexibility when it comes to tackling problems. Reasoning and problem solving is built into every lesson and every child is challenged and encouraged to step outside their comfort zone. 

Practical resources, such as dienes and place value counters, are used in most lessons to enable children to visualise and manipulate an abstract concept. As the children become more confident using the resources, they begin to draw pictures to represent the problem. 

We place a high importance in oracy throughout the school and maths lessons are no exception. Children are encouraged to ask questions and respectfully debate with their classmates. Through class discussions, children develop a strong mathematical language.

We are the first Let’s Think accredited school in the world. Many of our teachers are trained in Let’s Think cognitive acceleration programme. These student-led lessons centre around children working closely with their peers, sharing their strategies with the class and improving their problem solving skills. 

This year at Hugh Myddelton: 

Beginning this year, we at Hugh Myddelton have adopted the White Rose approach to teaching maths. White Rose prides itself on an “Everyone can do maths - everyone can!” approach and we wholeheartedly agree.

As we continue to encourage our children to challenge themselves, we will be introducing a Problem of the Month which the children can take home to solve independently or with their family or friends. Additionally, we will be continuing with the much-loved Maths Magicians club for Key Stage 1. 


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For more details of the National Curriculum Programmes of Study for Mathematics in Key Stages 1 & 2, please click here.

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