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More Able Pupils

At Hugh Myddelton, we are committed to enabling all pupils to be successful and achieve their full potential in an environment that is secure, caring and focused on learning.  We have in place a broad curriculum, enhanced by a programme of strategies that provide pupils with the skills to become independent and confident thinkers and learners, equipped to meet continuing challenge and change.

We use a number of methods for identification of more able pupils, including: prior attainment, teacher assessment, predicted results/grades, student and peer nomination, staff nomination and parental nomination. We are also aware that some pupils will not present at school as more able & talented; some might not want to be recognised and some might not have been given appropriate opportunities to explore their gift or talent.

The school believes that there should be no prescribed limits placed on any pupils’ potential. We will always look for gifts and talents in all pupils, seeking to provide the enhanced opportunities appropriate to their needs.  This will be through the taught curriculum as well as extra-curricular opportunities.  The school is fully committed to working for equality of opportunity and this commitment extends to identifying and developing the talents of all our students.

The school’s More Able Co-ordinator is Ms. Sarah Gill. There is also an allocated Governor for the More Able, Mr. James Court. If you would like to find out more our identification and provision for more able learners, please make an appointment through the School Office.

Our provision:

We feel it is appropriate to adopt a fluid approach when providing for more able learners, as this allows us to identify and make provision in a flexible and considered way. We provide a rich and varied curriculum that can be accessed by all, regardless of ability across a range of subjects. Through skillful teacher assessment of learning and achievement, we identify those with high potential (those who are maximising their potential and those have not yet done so). These children are then provided with extension for learning, which can include:

  • Richer and deeper questions;
  • More complex problem-solving;
  • Access to a broader range of texts or other stimuli;
  • Opportunities to use skills in a range of contexts;
  • Differentiated materials/activities within the curriculum area;
  • Making full use of Pupil Premium funding to remove any economic barriers to achievement;
  • Working in partnership with parents/carers and the local community to promote and celebrate aspiration, ability and achievement;
  • Ensuring there is a breadth and depth of opportunity that allows pupils to develop abilities and talents.

We also provide a range of enrichment opportunities. These include:

  • Extra-curricular activities and opportunities that cater for students’ passions and interests, such as: ‘I Lead’, a club that develops leadership skills both at school and in the community, and Maths Masters, a club that develops reasoning and problem solving skills;
  • Working closely with local universities so pupils can attend Spotlight Days on Law, Journalism, Computer Science, Engineering and Psychology;
  • Holding booster sessions on Saturdays and during the school holidays.

All staff share responsibility for ensuring that students are happy, motivated and achieve to the best of their abilities while they are at Hugh Myddelton. 


We are currently a member of NACE, which is The National Association of Able Children in Education. We have also completed the NACE Challenge Award, which is an accreditation that ensures our provision for the more able group is excellent, that we challenge all abilities and meet the specific needs of the more able. The NACE Challenge Award is recognised by external bodies, such as Ofsted, as a mark of quality provision.

Further Resources

There are a number of helpful websites that parents/carers might like to look at, including: - This is the independent charity that supports the social, emotional and learning needs of children with high learning potential of all ages and backgrounds. Potential Plus UK runs events for parents/carers and children. They have an events diary and online booking system on their website. Parents/carers of young children aged 0-5 may also be interested in Potential Plus UK’s e-zine called SPARK. 

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