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Our Partnership with Winton Primary School

The Governors are very pleased to announce Hugh Myddelton will be forming a federation with Winton Primary School, with effect from 2nd September 2019. The federation proposal was unanimously supported by the Governing Bodies of both schools and a Federation Working Group has been set up to ensure an effective and equitable alliance. The Working Group is made up of Governors from both schools, Ms Parker, Mr Barber, Ms Gill, Ms Brown (Head Teacher of Winton School) and the Head of School Improvement, Mr Anthony Doudle from Islington Council.



An outward-looking federation that engages with the emergent opportunities and challenges that present in our ever-changing London, United Kingdom, and wider world;

A federation that gets the core academic and behavioural basics right, so it can explore and innovate its offer to keep teachers and pupils stimulated;

A federation that takes pleasure in its work: unlocking teacher talents to unlock children’s talents, giving authority and responsibility to individuals, going the extra mile;

A federation with a proud identity open to all those want to take part and play their part with passion, becoming an ever-stronger force for good in the community;

A federation that represents the local community: its people, its culture, its history and future, its organisations large and small;

A federation that believes in better, and knows how to deliver it.                 



  • Each school will retain its individual identity whilst learning from each other, working together and innovating joint approaches to teaching and learning
  • Federation will facilitate the longer term strategic planning for both schools and attract teachers and leaders to a wider range of career opportunities including senior leadership positions
  • Working together will help unnecessary duplication of effort, support the drive for further efficient and effective use of resources and better value for money, and enable more time and resources to be dedicated to the core business of teaching and learning
  • The schools within the federation will continue to work with neighbouring schools


BENEFITS FOR PUPILS                                                                          

  • All pupils are well supported by high quality teaching and learning, which develops in line with best practice quickly and effectively
  • A rich curriculum developed across the schools, bringing more engaging and relevant learning experiences
  • The opportunity to meet, interact and learn with children from other schools at special events
  • A wider range of enrichment activities developed by the federation. Current examples of activities across the federated schools include: extra-curricular clubs, Saturday and holiday programmes
  • Continued high ambition for all pupils and support where necessary to achieve these aspirations; in a federation support can be drawn from a school where there is the relevant expertise



  • Schools will continue to be inspected as single establishments and will publish individual test results so that parents have a clear understanding of the strengths of each individual school
  • The schools will retain their own characteristics while maintaining a strong shared vision
  • The robust systems to ensure the best opportunities and outcomes for pupils will be sustained across the federation
  • The communities can learn from each other through shared training events for parents and carers
  • Security: a federation of schools is more able to meet the challenges and thrive in a changing educational landscape



  • Enhanced learning opportunities through partnership working for the full range of staff
  • Improved professional development, within the federation
  • Excellent induction and support for newly qualified teachers through the federation and London Borough of Islington NQT programmes
  • Support from specialist teachers in education to develop teaching resources
  • Greater opportunity to develop leadership at all levels through bespoke leadership programmes
  • Career pathways within the federation, leading to the retention of high quality staff
  • A well planned assessment and moderation system that supports teaching and learning
  • Cross federation professional development for all support staff
  • No changes to terms and conditions of employment; all staff remain employees of the London Borough of Islington


What will it mean for the children and young people?

On a day -to-day basis there will be no change in routine or provision in any of the schools, so the transition will be a seamless one. Each school will retain their own identity. However, there will be opportunities to share staff and expertise across the schools, giving all pupils access to a larger pool of specialists. Learning opportunities should therefore be enhanced for pupils across the federation. There may also be opportunities to provide more in the way of after-school provision, school clubs and other similar amenities through combining the resources of the two schools.


What will it mean for the staff?

Most day-to-day management will continue in its current structure. Staff will continue to be employed by the London Borough of Islington and their contracts of employment will be unaffected. In the future, some roles may be shared across more than one of the schools, but this would be discussed with the relevant members of staff should this happen. The governing bodies are not anticipating that any redundancies will arise as a result of the proposed federation. As vacancies arise we will review recruitment across the participating schools to identify opportunities for further career development, to share expert resources, and to achieve efficiencies and improvements wherever possible. We expect there will be opportunities for career development and for supporting and learning from others.


How will the federation be managed?

Ms Nathalie Parker will be the Executive Headteacher of the federation with overall responsibility for all the schools. Each school will have its own Headteacher with responsibility for the day-to day leadership and management of the school, reporting to Ms Nathalie Parker. The Executive Headteacher and each Headteacher will be a member of the governing body.

The Executive Headteacher and each school Headteacher will be assisted by the school leadership team in each school. The governing bodies are not proposing to ask any staff to move from one school to the other, but may ask some staff to share their specialist knowledge with the other schools in the federation so that we can achieve common standards of best practice.

Schools within the proposed federation already have some experience of some sharing of roles and responsibilities, for example the sharing of a Clerk, and this arrangement is likely to continue. The governing bodies will be seeking to appoint a Federation Business Manager from the existing staff to lead to secure best business practice across the federation.


What will it mean for the governing bodies?

Currently, there are two governing bodies: the Governing Body of Hugh Myddelton Primary School and the Governing Body of Winton Primary School. These will be replaced with one unified body, made up of representatives from each school; a new Federated Governing Body will be formed and will elect a new Chair and Committee Chairs. We anticipate that the new Federated Governing Body will be made up of representatives from each of the current governing bodies.


How will the Federated Governing Body work?

The new Federated Governing Body will undertake the three core functions as set out in the Department for Education (DfE) Governance Handbook.

  1. Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic vision
  2. Holding leaders to account for the educational performance of the organisation and its pupils and the performance management of staff
  3. Overseeing the financial performance of the organisation and making sure its money is well spent.

To support the Federated Governing Body, we will establish a committee structure. This will be comprised of overarching cross-federation committees for Standards, and Resources. The cross-federation committees will focus on the formal progress, oversight and the strategic long-term development of the schools. Membership of these committees will also be members of the Federated Governing Body. We anticipate that there will be one Federated Governing Body meeting, one Standards Committee meeting and one Resources Committee meeting per term.



Letter to parents, carers and staff 10.7.19

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